How to improve your small business blogging and content

With so much of your small business marketing now taking place in the digital space, it’s never been more important to hone and craft the written content on your site.

Whether it’s a blog post, a news story, an email campaign or a social media post, a huge part of the allure of your brand comes down to your writing skills. The quality of this writing defines how well this content engages people and how well it turns your prospects and customers into long-term advocates for your brand.

So, writing is important. But what if you’re not a professional writer? Can you still turn out blog posts and content that can compete with the work of an experienced content person? This very short answer to this is ‘Yes, you can!’.

It will take some practice, focus and motivation to get your writing up to speed, but I strongly believe that we can ALL produce good written content – as long as we have the passion to tell our story and open up about our brand experiences.

5 ways to kickstart your small business blogging and content marketing

To help you and your small business take those first steps towards an enhanced writing style, I’ve partnered with the team at Support Local Magazine to write a guest post.

‘5 ways to kickstart your small business blogging and content marketing’ gives you the lowdown on polishing your writing, with simple, straightforward tips for getting more out of your content. Whatever your writing experience, there’s something in here to give you a lift and challenge you to achieve new heights with your content.

You won’t suddenly be churning out pitch-perfect blog posts overnight, but with the right amount of practice and determination, there’s no reason why your content can’t begin to sing.

How To Write Killer Content For Your Startup

How To Write Killer Content For Your Startup, content marketing, startups, startup tips

Want to give your content marketing a real workout? My book, ‘How To Write Killer Content For Your StartUp’, is available on Amazon and has all the advice you need to write, plan and improve your content marketing, broken down across ten chapters.

Do your business writing a favour and read this 101 guide to killer content.

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