When I’m not being a freelance writer, I’m also a business author.

I’ve published three different titles through Amazon, with tips, hacks and strategies for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers.

These are simple, easy-to-read books, packed with plenty of practical advice.

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HELP! I’ve Started A Business!

Starting your own business is an amazing opportunity. But’s it’s also a complicated journey with plenty of twists and turns along the road. If you’re just starting out, you need a 101 guide to becoming an entrepreneur.

‘Help! I’ve Started A Business’ is a step-by-step guide to founding, managing, growing and (eventually) selling your business.  In short, easily digestible chapters, you’ll find all the basic tips you need to navigate the business journey. From fledgling startup, to established business and ambitious scale-up.

Whether you’re still drafting out your new business idea, or already have your business up and running, this book is packed with advice, ideas and practical methodologies for getting the best from your company.

Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life, Going Freelance, freelance, freelancer, self-employed, solopreneur

Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

My book, ‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’, is available now on Amazon, in Kindle and print editions.

If you’re serious about becoming self-employed and exploring a freelance career, this is the book for you.

This is a comprehensive guide for anyone setting out on the freelance journey. Each chapter gives you simple, easy-to-follow tips, with advice on setting up a micro-business, finding your first customers and making a living from your freelance skills.

The book explains how to:

  1. Understand the Benefits (And Challenges) Of Going Freelance
  2. Ensure You Have The Right Experience And Skills
  3. Make The Jump And Get Started
  4. Know Why You’re In Business
  5. Find Your First Customer
  6. Market Your Brand And Services
  7. Choose Where To Work
  8. Join The Freelance Community
  9. Build On Your Client Relationships
  10. Manage Your Workload
  11. Manage Your Numbers
  12. Get Paid On Time
  13. Pursue A Good Work/life Balance
  14. Get Started As A Freelancer

Customer reviews of ‘Going Freelance’

“If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, ‘Going Freelance’ is a must-read! It is packed with techniques, hacks, tips and ideas on how to begin your journey in freelance.”

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“Very concise advice, all in an easy-to-read lingo, without a lot of blah blah, It can be read fairly quickly and then put to action.”

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A great and to-the-point read with lots of practical advice and no nonsense instruction that will most definitely fast track your journey.’

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How To Write Killer Content For Your Startup, content marketing, startups, startup tips

How To Write Killer Content For Your Startup

My book, ‘How To Write Killer Content For Your Startup’, is available on Amazon.

For startup founders who want to get the most from content marketing, this is a one-stop shop for polishing your own writing skills, learning about digital marketing and creating the killer content you need to kickstart your business.

My book gives the advice you need to write, plan and improve your business content, broken down across ten easy-to-read chapters:

  1. Define Your Vision – Missions and manifestos
  2. Know Your Audience – Customers and targets
  3. Create Your Brand – Personality, style and tone
  4. Improve Your Writing – Readability and grammar
  5. Build A Website – Content and messaging
  6. Have A Content Plan – Planning and Timelines
  7. Get Blogging – Telling Stories
  8. Start Getting Social – Tweeting and sharing
  9. Run A Campaign – Email, newsletters and ads
  10. Analyse Performance – Engagement and analytics

‘How to Write Killer Content For Your Startup’ is available in Kindle and print editions, and as an audiobook from Audible, iTunes or Amazon.

Customer reviews OF ‘How To Write Killer Content’

“A great place to start! This book was a really helpful guide to understanding the process and loads of practical help to get started and get some copy written!”

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“As a business adviser that works with a lot of early-stage startups, I can see this book being incredibly useful for any founders and startups that are new to the whole world of content and content writing.”

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“This book is a fantastic guide to writing content for all the non-writers among us and is packed with loads of advice to help get you started.”

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“It’s an easy read, with clear explanations and steps to follow and refer back to if you need. A must have for anyone starting out in business and feeling a bit daunted about writing.”

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