There’s a new book on the way!

In exciting news, I’m just putting the finishing touches to my third book. This one’s a hands-on guide to setting up and running a new business, with practical advice and tips for entrepreneurs, new startup founders and seasoned owner-managers.

I’m still at the proofing and formatting stage at the moment, but I’m hoping to have this new book out into the outside world in the next month or so. I think (I hope) that people are going to like this one. It’s not one of these ephemeral books for entrepreneurs that sets unrealistic expectations and unattainable goals for the reader. This is a handbook for people who’ve had a great business idea and want to get the business off the ground ASAP (without making all the usual mistakes that fledgling founders generally make).

Breaking up the writing workload

Having self-published two business books over the past three years, I’m used to the hard work – and the highs and lows – of writing a book. But this time around, I’ve managed to spread the whole process over a longer time period, by writing two chapters a week over the course of six months or so. 

By breaking up the writing into handy chunks, the creation of the book has seemed like less of a monumental task. Saying that, it’s certainly taken a fair amount of time to edit, proof and format the final manuscript, especially getting the e-book content and layout right for Kindle publication.

More news on the book soon

So, I’m nearly at the end of the writing and proofing road now, with just a few minor checks to carry out before the final manuscript is ready to roll. Then there’s a book cover design to create and the book blurb to write, plus getting the whole kit and caboodle uploaded to Amazon.

Anyway, stay tuned, folks, this new book will be coming your way soon. I’ll be releasing the title in the coming weeks and will, hopefully, have print and Kindle editions ready for you very soon.

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While you’re waiting, check out my previous two books on Amazon. ‘How To Write Killer Content For Your Startup’ gives you all the advice you need on getting the most from content marketing. ‘Going Freelance’ is your 101 guide to setting up a self-employed business and becoming a freelancer.

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