Keeping your freelance business ‘top-of-mind’ with customers

When you’re running your own freelance business, it’s important to have a stable and profitable pipeline of customers. Without customers, you have no work, no sales and no income – and, eventually, no business too! So, it’s vital that you can keep your freelance brand ‘top-of-mind’ with potential clients, and keep those sales coming in.

Raising awareness of your freelance brand

If you’re going to find new customers, get client enquiries and bring in new work, it’s crucial to think about the awareness of your freelance brand. You might not think you have a ‘brand’ and may think that branding is something only large corporate businesses need to think about – but you’d be wrong. As a freelancer, YOU are your brand!

The way you interact personally with your clients, the way you market your products and/or services and the way you communicate through your social media accounts all come together to present a certain brand image to the world. And the success (or failure) of your freelance business may rest on how well you can nurture, manage and evolve your brand in your chosen sector.

Keeping your brand top-of-mind

The folks at Globashare and have a new blog post which takes a deep dive into the whole area of finding freelance work, and the important part that a ‘top-of-mind’ approach has in your branding, marketing and sales approach.

In their post, they talk about there being four levels of brand awareness, as you can see in this graphic:

These four levels all equate to how well potential customers know you, and your brand:

4. Unaware of your brand – at this level, your potential customers are totally unaware that your business exists. They don’t know you, your company name or your brand. So, they can be classed as totally cold sales leads – and it takes a lot of hard work to warm these leads up and convert them into sales.

3. Brand recognition – at the next level, people may recognise your name, your logo or your company name, but they’ve not dealt with you, or had any proper customer interactions. So, they *could* be turned into a customer, but you’ll need to do more to raise your brand in their eyes.

2. Brand awareness – at the following level, potential clients know who you are, they’re aware of your work and there’s a greater chance of them wanting to use your products/services. These are warm leads who will take far less work to convert into proper sales and income streams.

1. Top-of-mind – when you’re at the top level, you’re top-of-mind with your customer base, meaning you are the first name they think of when considering your products/services, and the first brand they’ll contact to fulfill their professional needs.

If this is all sounding useful, and you want to find out more, I’d suggest reading the workonlinereview blog post and getting the full lowdown on making sure your freelance business is top of mind.

Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life, Going Freelance, freelance, freelancer, self-employed, solopreneur

If you’re looking to get more from your freelance business, my new book is the 101 guide you need for creating a successful self-employed business.

‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’ is a comprehensive guide for anyone setting out on the freelance journey. Each chapter gives you the simple, easy-to-follow tips you need, with clear advice on setting up your own freelance business.

The book explains how to:

  1. Understand the Benefits (And Challenges) Of Going Freelance
  2. Ensure You Have The Right Experience And Skills
  3. Make The Jump And Get Started
  4. Know Why You’re In Business
  5. Find Your First Customer
  6. Market Your Brand And Services
  7. Choose Where To Work
  8. Join The Freelance Community
  9. Build On Your Client Relationships
  10. Manage Your Workload
  11. Manage Your Numbers
  12. Get Paid On Time
  13. Pursue A Good Work/life Balance
  14. Get Started As A Freelancer

Going Freelance is available in Kindle and Print editions on Amazon.

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