Help! I’ve started a business – A new book for entrepreneurs

Coming up with an amazing business idea and getting that business off the ground is a huge opportunity. This is your chance to become a startup founder, an entrepreneur and a business leader – but where do you start? And what are the key steps to get right?

My new book, ‘HELP! I’ve Started A Business’ is your 101 guide to the whole business journey. It takes you from your first rough idea through to becoming a fledgling startup, from becoming an established company through to scaling up and (eventually) selling the business. If you’ve just begun your business adventure, or you’re looking for new ways to make your enterprise run more smoothly, this is the book you need.

Setting the foundations of your business

Starting a business is something many of us dream about. If you get it right, being an entrepreneur can become an extremely rewarding and exciting experience.

  • You can become your own boss and build a company and a talented team of employees around you. 
  • You can create a community of customers and brand advocates who love what you do as a company
  • You can bring your innovative new product ideas to the market and make a name for your brand in your sector. 
  • And you can build a team of engaged employees who are totally on board with your vision, your mission and your values as a leader. 

But starting a business is COMPLICATED! There’s no getting away from the reality of this. There are legal, financial and employment regulations to follow. There are technical accounting terms to get your head around. And there are the concepts of sales, business development and marketing to learn and take on board.

In short, there’s a lot of stuff to put on your to-do list. So, wouldn’t it be great if you had a guide that gave you all the practical advice you needed?

The toolkit for ambitious entrepreneurs

‘HELP! I’ve Started A Business’ is a book you can read from cover to cover in a day. Or you can dip into each chapter as you reach that stage in your business journey. What it offers you is sound, practical advice, giving you the knowledge and impetus to kick-start your success story.

If you’ve got a brilliant business idea and want to hit the ground running, this is the book you need. You’ll soon be up to speed with all the basic elements of getting your startup off the ground, followed by the journey from stable business to ambitious scale-up.

You’ll find out how to 

  1. Define your key idea and build the most comprehensive business plan
  2. Get your startup off the ground and start making sales
  3. Stabilise your finances and get in control of your money
  4. Grow and scale up your operations to meet your goals
  5. Meet your aims for the business and decide on your exit strategy.
A book called 'HELP! I've Started A Business' leaning against the arm of an armchair, next to a rubber plant

Order your copy from Amazon today

With your latest business plan burning a hole in your pocket, today’s the day to order ‘HELP! I’ve Started A Business’. The book is available in paperback and Kindle editions from Amazon. Order today and start building your foundations for business success.

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