Talking about Going Freelance on North Herts Radio

I had the pleasure of talking to the #HertHour Companion team from North Herts Radio today – chatting about freelancing, changes in the workplace and my new book, ‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’.

Have a listen as we talk about the benefits of freelancing, the control you get over your own time, and how you can improve your work/life balance – one of the key benefits of being self-employed.

Improving your work/life balance as a freelancer

Taking the leap into self-employment is a big move for people to take. When you move from a stable, corporate role with a regular salary to a freelance career, it can take a while to get used to the different lifestyle. As a freelancer, you become the Chief Executive of Everything – and that increase in responsibility can take a while to get used to.

But, for me, as someone who’s been freelancing for nearly six years, the benefits of being freelance far outweigh the challenges. As I talked about during this radio interview, many people are now reevaluating their careers and want a way of working that gives them more control – more control over their time, and more control over who they work with.

Being able to manage your own time, choose the customers you work with and get a better handle on your finances is incredibly valuable. And it’s the combination of these benefits that allows you to develop a much better work/life balance as a freelancer… as long as you organise things well, work with the right clients and build the best possible customer relationships.

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Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life

If you’d like to start achieving the benefits of a more flexible career, where YOU are in control of your destiny, then now’s the time to start.

My new book, ‘Going Freelance: Building Work Around Your Life’, is a comprehensive guide for anyone setting out on the freelance journey. Each chapter gives you the simple, easy-to-follow tips you need, with clear advice on setting up your own freelance business.

The book explains how to:

  1. Understand the Benefits (And Challenges) Of Going Freelance
  2. Ensure You Have The Right Experience And Skills
  3. Make The Jump And Get Started
  4. Know Why You’re In Business
  5. Find Your First Customer
  6. Market Your Brand And Services
  7. Choose Where To Work
  8. Join The Freelance Community
  9. Build On Your Client Relationships
  10. Manage Your Workload
  11. Manage Your Numbers
  12. Get Paid On Time
  13. Pursue A Good Work/life Balance
  14. Get Started As A Freelancer

Going Freelance is available in Kindle and Print editions on Amazon

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