Why I’m fundraising for Movember

Movember 'tache

Back in 2012, I grew a moustache for Movember. At the time, I was working for a big corporate organisation where fundraising was actively encouraged and the spirit of Movember was something that definitely caught on with many of the men working there – if you’ve ever worked with sales and marketing people, you’ll know how they love a bit of healthy competition, and seeing who could grow the most ridiculous ‘tache certainly caught on among the team.

If you’ve never heard of Movember, it’s a pretty simple premise to explain. The Movember Foundation started in Australia back in 2003 with two key aims:

  • To raise as much money as possible to support research and awareness of prostate cancer and other men’s health issues.
  • To bring the much-maligned moustache back into fashion and get men’s top lips hairy, hirsute and happy once more.

By signing up for Movember, the bloke-in-the-street agrees to start the month of November with a clean shave, and to then actively grow, nurture and groom the best possible moustache (or the most ridiculous facial hair possible) over the course of the next 30 days.

And while growing this top-lip caterpillar, you agree to raise as much cash as possible for the Movember cause, asking friends, family and colleagues to dig deep and donate what they can to your personal fundraising efforts.

It’s all done with the best possible intentions and it’s an incredible way to get men, and the people close to them, actively thinking about men’s health.

Why I’m growing a mo again

So, here we are in 2016. And I’m doing Movember once again.

Much has changed in those four short years. I’m now a parent, with the additional grey hairs in the moustache to show for it. And I no longer work for a large, global organisation. I now spend half my time freelancing and half my time working for an agency – working as a remote worker for both roles, with no desk, no office and no ‘water cooler moments’ to share with colleagues.

I’m no longer part of a giant organisation with hundreds of potential colleagues to help me raise funds. But I DO have the power of social media on my side in 2016. With reasonable followings on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, I’ve got plenty of ways to get the Movember message out there – as well as sharing the occasional pic of the birth and growth of my ‘mo’.

I’d also cultivated a full beard over the past couple of years – rather than the stubble I was rocking back in 2012 – so the deforestation of my chin was quite a big thing to contemplate when I started thinking about signing up for Movember this year.

Having spent so long growing a decent beard (despite the preponderance of grey hairs), it was a big decision to contemplate shaving it all off and seeing the pasty spud that lay underneath.

But I figured, what the hell, this is for a brilliant and extremely worthy cause. And every beard wearer should occasionally denude their faces to check whether there’s actually still a chin under there.

As it happens, there was a chin under the beard – and it’s still got a dimple in it; a dimple that’s now been replicated on my daughter’s chin too. Ah, the power of DNA!

Donate what you can

So, the beard came off, the lily-white face was revealed and after five or so days, a new ‘tache has been spirited into the world.

My inspiration this time was the early ‘90s ‘long at the sides’ moustache of James Hetfield from Metallica. I may have aimed for ‘maximum rock ‘n’ roll’ but the end result is probably a bit less metal than I’d hoped for.

But as times goes on, and those tiny follicles do their work, the ‘tache will grow – and hopefully my fundraising total will grow at a similar rate!

So, do something great today – follow the link and donate what you can. Let’s stop men dying too young. And let’s support the Movember cause for every man who’s in need of care and advice that could help him be healthier and enjoy a longer life.

Click here to donate to my Movember fundraising

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