A high-flying thriller from Hoddesdon Players

The Small Hours

If you’re a fan of classic, nail-biting thrillers, get yourself down to Broxbourne Civic Hall on 30th April or 1st and 2nd May for The Small Hours.

Hoddesdon Players are presenting Francis Durbridge’s renowned 1991 play. And it’s edge of the (plane) seat stuff! Sussex hotelier, Carl Houston, is returning from a trip to Australia when his plane is hijacked and he saves the life of fellow passenger, Ronnie Sheldon.

Although shaken, he thinks nothing more of it until the police arrive looking for the flight bag he had on the plane. Then Ronnie turns up at his house warning him that his life is in danger, but Carl has other things on his mind as he’s being blackmailed by his chef and his rich cousin has arrived unexpectedly. When two attempts are made on Carl’s life, he’s forced to question the motives of those around him.

The Small Hours will be performed at Broxbourne Civic Hall on 30 April, 1 May and 2 May.

Tickets are available online from Broxbourne Civic Hall or by phone on 01992 441946

You can also buy tickets directly from Hoddesdon Players by emailing hodplay-tickets@yahoo.co.uk or phoning 01992 465665

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