Jetlag and why it sucks

We’ve been in Sydney for a week now and I think my body clock is just about acclimatised to being in the Southern Hemisphere. The first few days after a long flight always seem to be the worst – that my-head-is-full-of-cotton-wool feeling that’s halfway between hangover and sleep deprivation. But it begins to pass once you get into some kind of routine; or at least that’s the theory. In my experience, I’ve been waking at 3am for the last three or four nights. That may have something to do with the anti-social possum who seems to have taken up residence in the roof space, though.

So, today seems like the first day where I’ve really felt like I’m in the correct timezone, with my body clock ticking along to an antipodean rather than a UK time signature. Fingers crossed that it stays that way!



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